Kids Choir for Upper Elementary


Kids Choir for Upper Elementary



Classes are located in the Gathering Room at Franciscan Montessori Earth School.

No audition or prior experience necessary!  This class is open to the public.

In this awesome 10-week course, 4th - 6th graders discover that music is highly interactive and interpersonal -- it's like a music exercise class!  Kids learn to be aware of their body and how they can sing by properly and creatively using their muscles, diaphragm, and bone structure to produce incredible sound! 

We assist children in developing their vocal, aural, musical, and choral skills in preparation for advancement in furthering their singing career! We focus on developing the upper range of the treble voice, introducing acute listening skills, creating an awareness of musical phrasing, and continuing to experience the joy of singing!

In each class, we incorporate ear training, rhythm, listening skills, directional note-reading, concentration, and tone production. We work together to understand vocal technique and develop beginning listening skills.  We rehearse pieces and learning about vowels and how they make our singing beautiful. In addition to learning singing skills, we’re also learning listening skills!  We are beginning to lay the foundation for fine tuning, listening to each other, and developing a beautiful choral sound!

All of this hard work culminates in our final performances at FMES at 1pm & 6:30pm for all our friends and family!  Watch as your child grows in their sense of confidence, both as a musician and as an individual!

One-on-one private lessons available! Please contact us for further details.

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