Policies & Procedures

Tuition & Billing
Enrollment is ongoing! Private lessons are 12-month, year-round programs. Yearly tuition for private lessons is determined by the number of lessons during the year multiplied by the amount of tuition per lesson. Total yearly tuition is then divided into 12 equal monthly payments, regardless of the number of classes or lessons during the month.

With the exception of initial registration via the website, monthly tuition must be paid by automatic bank account debit. Tuition is billed on the 22nd of every month (or the nearest weekday following). Sheet music and lesson books are not part of monthly tuition, and will be added to the following month’s tuition.

You will be sent an email to authorize the monthly total before any tuition is processed.

Courtesy (Make-up) Lesson Policy
Students enrolled in our 12-month, year-round program have the opportunity to enjoy a maximum of 8 courtesy lessons within a 12 month period, from Sept 1 - Sept 1 of the following calendar year. To be eligible for a courtesy lesson, we must receive notice by 12:00PM sharp on the day of your missed lesson. Courtesy lessons carry over year-to-year for actively registered students and do not expire for these students.

This program is provided strictly as a courtesy and is subject to Portland School of Music & Dance’s availability and convenience. There are no refunds for missed lessons, and no guaranteed courtesy lessons. Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you, and Portland School of Music & Dance does not assume any responsibility for missed lessons for any reason.

When you are available for a courtesy lesson, please check the website and sign up for the courtesy lesson time slot that works best for you. If there is a spot available, it means that another student will not be attending their lesson on that day, and that spot is made available to you as a courtesy lesson. If you schedule a courtesy lesson and then miss that courtesy for any reason, it still counts as a courtesy lesson. Courtesy lessons are for registered/active students only. We do not hold long-term requests. Courtesy lessons are granted on a day-by-day, first-come, first-serve basis. Your courtesy lesson may be with a different teacher.

Workshop Week
Workshop Week is usually held two weeks prior to each of our biannual performances and is used for performance practice. All private lesson students (with the exception of adult students) attend Workshop Week. Private lessons are not held during this week. It is each family's responsibility to ensure that the student arrives at their performance class during Workshop Week.

Substitutions/Unexpected Interruption of Classes
We reserve the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes.  If a teacher is ill and the school cannot arrange a substitute any missed lessons will be made up or refunded.

If the school must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond our control such as power outages, a courtesy lesson will be given.

Discontinuing Lessons
A 30-day written notice (email is fine) is required to discontinue any lessons/classes. All automatic payments will stop after the 30-day period.

Students that withdraw prior to or during summer lose their lesson time slot for fall and lose all accrued courtesy lessons. There are no refunds for missed lessons during summer session. All materials fees are non-refundable.

Parental Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to stay informed of all policies, events and school information. It is also the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform the school of any address or telephone number change.

Care of students
Parents are to drop off and pick up students within 5 minutes prior to and following the student’s lesson.  Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time before or after class. No children, whether Portland School of Music & Dance students or otherwise, may be left unattended anywhere in the building, including waiting areas and lesson rooms.

Parents shall remain courteous at all times and direct concerns to the owners and office staff. Concerns should not be directed at teachers, other students or parents. Parents agree to not interfere with lessons.

Students shall refrain from disruptive behavior, lack of respect for instructors and fellow students, behavior that could be interpreted as sexual harassment, and behavior that could be related to alcohol or drug use.

Portland School of Music & Dance reserves the right to terminate lessons for any student at any time for any reason, including but not limited to failure to abide by the school's etiquette policy. In such a case a refund for unused lessons will be given.
Release of Liability
I agree to the following waiver and release. I acknowledge that my child is physically fit and has no health, medical or physical problems that preclude participation in the activities of Portland School of Music & Dance. I understand and acknowledge these activities may require special conditioning and skills and involve risk that may include serious bodily injury, permanent disability, death, personal property damage, social or economic loss. I understand these risks may arise from any event(s), whether in or out of my control, and these risks may be unforeseeable or unknown to me at this time. I hold harmless Portland School of Music & Dance, its faculty, employees, officers and agents from any liability, actions, cause of action, claims and demands of any and every kind which may arise from or in connection with my child’s participation in these activities.

I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, agree that I understand the nature of Portland School of Music & Dance’s activities and the minor’s experience and capabilities and I believe the minor to be qualified to participate in such activities. I have read, understand and comply with the above and permit the minor to participate in the activities. I give Portland School of Music & Dance permission to authorize emergency medical personnel to carry out such emergency diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as may be necessary for my child, and also permit such treatment procedures to be carried out at, and by local hospitals for my child in the event of an emergency. I understand that any medical expenses will be billed directly to me or my insurance company.

Additionally, I grant Portland School of Music & Dance permission to take photographs and/or video of any portion of any class my child may be a part of. These images will be copyrighted to Portland School of Music & Dance and can be used for marketing or promotional purposes. I further understand that I may opt-out of this release with respect to photographs, video and audio only by filling out and signing a Media Opt-Out form if requested.


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