Creative Dance Classes for 2.5 - 5

Whether it's jumping, spinning, hopping, or twirling, our preschoolers love to move!  Our preschoolers use their innate energy and sense of discovery to express themselves through movement and story!  Our teachers use inquiry and guided movement exploration to help your child explore dance in a creative and imaginative way. 

We use creative movement patterns and exercises to teach coordination, balance, and kinesthetic awareness, resulting in gross motor skill development, heightened spatial awareness, and self-confidence. Our preschoolers are excited to come back, engage with fun teachers, and most importantly, have fun!


Kinesthetic learning

Our creative movement classes strengthen every child's mind/body connection, making them more confident and relaxed in their own bodies.  Our preschoolers learn body awareness through various spacial activities, incorporating fun elements such as scarves, stuffed animals, parachutes, ribbons and more!  All of these tools aid in supporting the tactile needs of our students in their understanding of the concepts they are discovering!

Creative try 2.jpeg

Exploratory learning

We give our students the freedom to express themselves through improvising, creating, and engaging with their peers! Children are able to use their own creativity using movement to express a thought, feeling or a story! We work on expanding a child's physical and expressive ranges, giving them more confidence in their own self-expression!

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curricular learning

As we use our entire body to explore and discover, we are able to work toward measurable curricular goals such as strength, balance, and coordination. Our classes have a dual focus on creativity and correct, safe, body technique. Our students walk away feeling more confident and coordinated than ever before!