Creative Music Classes for ages 2.5 - 5

Our preschoolers are ready for a hands-on musical experience, complete with our music alphabet friends, our giant floor keyboard, and roll-out music staff leading the way to musical literacy! With exciting keyboard exploration activities and music theory games, we introduce the world of music to help your little musician develop the love and skills of music making that will last for a lifetime!

Our preschool music class curriculum is designed to accommodate and benefit all skills and levels! We incorporate many different learning styles to aid in the development of basic cognitive, social and motor skills necessary for preschoolers to succeed in school! 


Kinesthetic & Visual Learning

We use outstanding rhythm and movement exercises to develop fine and gross motor skills in children! Our students have improved hand-eye coordination through the use of our rhythm instruments and keyboard. Each student is introduced to the music staff and piano keyboard, using tactile notes and shapes to further emphasize understanding. Our special music alphabet friends help us have fun as we recognize keyboard patterns!


verbal & aural learning

We use sound composition and exploration to further instill creative development in children. Students develop verbal skills through singing, story and fun!  Our music story time focuses on composers, music terminology, and behavior. We're able to reinforce listening skills by learning to discern high and low, loud and soft sounds.



cognitive & social learning

Preschool children tend to learn best from each other, so we incorporate memory skill building in group games and activities! Through these games and activities, students learn recognition of notes and note values together.  We use counting exercises to help students recognize numbers and develop math skills. Students are further able to recognize of colors, and shapes with fun worksheet activities.