2017 Summer Camps

Come and see us at Franciscan Montessori Earth School!  We are holding rockin' camps there and we'd love to see you!  They hold camps all day long, so not only do you have our camps to choose from, but all of theirs, so your child can experience amazing camps all day long in the same location!  Their awesome camps include 3D Printing, Basketball, Master Chef Cook-off, Chess,
Rockets and Airplanes, Yoga, Gardening and Nature, and so much more! 

Do-IT-ALL Arts Camp

June 19 - 23
Ages 2.5 - 12

The Do-It-All Summer Camp is an INSANELY high energy camp that incorporates the all the best of the fine arts in one week!  Check it out:

• Photography
• Set Design
• Choir
• Martial Arts
• Acting
• Painting
• Song Writing
• Guitar
• Drawing
• Improvisation
• Bucket Band
• Choreography
• Sculpting
• Hiphop
• Yoga
...and more!!

How can we accomplish so much in such a short period of time??  Because EVERY 30 MINUTES is a brand new activity.

Taught by trained arts professionals, our campers have the opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of art styles, featuring everything from visual arts to performing arts!  The week culminates in our SHINING STARS FINALE performance on Friday where our campers get to showcase what they’ve learned, created, and designed!

This week-long program is recommended for new students as well as the experienced. Watch your child’s passion and creativity come to life! 

Ages 2.5 - 6
12:30 -3:30pm

1st - 6th grade
8:30am - 3:30pm

Exploring Musical Instruments

July 5 - 7 (3-day)
Ages 2.5 - 9

We offer hands-on experience with a variety of awesome instruments and musical activities! Our campers have the opportunity to explore and receive instruction on a variety of instruments: 

• Piano
• Electric piano
• Acoustic guitar
• Electric guitar
• Drums
• Bucket drums
• Wind instruments
• Percussion instruments
...and more!!

We awaken possibility in our campers as they experience the joy of music through creative play, exploration, and discovery!
This 3-day program is recommended for new students as well as the experienced! Our professional instructors all have degrees in music and are able to challenge each student, no matter the level.
Campers will walk away from this 3-day program with a foundation in music that will prepare them for success in their future musical endeavors.

Ages 2.5 - 6
12:30 - 3:30pm

1st - 3rd grade
8:30 - 11:30am

Music, Art, & Movement Camp

July 10 - 14
Ages 2.5 - 6

Do your kids have an uncontrollable urge to wiggle, giggle, and sing at the top of their lungs when their favorite tunes come on? Are they constantly curious and excited? In this expressive multi-art class, we use performing and visual arts to stimulate creativity, physical fitness, and musical ability in our campers!

• Painting to various music styles
• Composing individual songs
• Dancing to poetry
• Using instruments to create a story
• Creating original choreography
• Playing guitar, piano, and percussion instruments
• Making our own musical instruments
• Exploring rhythmic movement
...and more!!

We guide your child’s creative journey through music, art, and music in an engaging, hand-on approach that is filled with fun, energy, and excitement! Our campers develop self-confidence in their own musical, physical, and artistic abilities!

Ages 2.5 - 6
12:30 - 3:30pm


Summer Music Lessons

Sign up for our wonderful summer music lessons, offered a la carte based on YOUR schedule and what works best of you and your family!  Choose from a musical variety including piano, violin, guitar, voice and voice lessons! We hope to see you there!