Tuition Information

What does “Year-Round School” mean for private lessons?

Enrollment is ongoing!

From the very beginning, we started Portland School of Music & Dance with the goal of providing a quality, supportive and caring music experience for our students. Our private lessons offer specialized, focused instruction. A year-round curriculum helps our students learn and progress in the best way possible. This format optimizes the membership process, and maintains the schedule that works best for students and their families. No more repeated re-registrations year after year, summer after summer. We are providing a quality year-round program, offering consistency for everyone in our community — students and families, teachers and staff alike.

Private lessons are 12-month, year-round programs. Summer classes for private lessons are included in your 12 month membership, and your reserved lesson times carry into the summer. No separate registration will be necessary. Your lesson time will not change from the previous school year, unless you wish to change it.

Tuition for private lessons

  • 30 minute lesson = $132 pro-rated monthly tuition
  • 45 minute lesson = $198 pro-rated monthly tuition
  • 60 minute lesson = $264 pro-rated monthly tuition

Portland School of Music & Dance does not charge you for holidays and breaks in the schedule. The pro-rated tuition amount depends upon which day of the week a student is scheduled. Because of holidays, some days of the week (like Wednesday) will have more lessons throughout the year than others (like Monday). This means that the pro-rated amount may be slightly more or less than the tuition stated above.

How does tuition work?

Yearly tuition for private lessons is determined by the number of lessons during the year multiplied by the amount of tuition per lesson. Total yearly tuition is then divided into 12 equal monthly payments, regardless of the number of classes or lessons during the month.  For example:

48 weeks of lessons (from Sept 1 - Sept 1) x $33 per lesson = $1584
$1584 / 12 months = $132 monthly pro-rated tuition

Next billing: 9/22/16
Number of payments left: 11

These tuition rates are effective August 1st, 2016. Tuition fees subject to change.


Tuition is pro-rated equally throughout the school year, and is billed on the 22nd of every month (or the nearest weekday following). Monthly payments will be deducted from your account via automatic bank draft.

Sheet music and lesson books are not part of monthly tuition.  You will see a book charge applied to your account shortly after the student has received the new book.  Students receive books when they begin lessons and when they move to a new level.  Moving to a new book is up to the teacher's discretion. 

If we miss a lesson, can we make it up?

Our courtesy lesson (make-up lesson) program is generous, surpassing industry standards in the Portland area. Students enrolled in our 12-month, year-round program have the opportunity to enjoy 8 courtesy lessons within a 12 month period per student, provided advance notice is given prior to each absence. Courtesy lessons carry over year-to-year for actively registered students and do not expire for these students.

If we receive notice by 12:00PM on the day of your missed lesson, you will be eligible for a courtesy lesson. Maximum number of courtesy lessons allowed per student is 8 total per 12-month period, from Sept 1 - Sept 1 of the following calendar year.

This program is provided strictly as a courtesy and is subject to Portland School of Music & Dance’s availability and convenience. There are no refunds for missed lessons, and no guaranteed courtesy lessons. Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you, and Portland School of Music & Dance does not assume any responsibility for missed lessons for any reason. More information about this is available on our registration page.

Group lessons cannot be made up, nor will there be a refund for a missed class.