Tuition Information

Private lessons are offered year-round and are based on a semester system: 

  • Fall (Sept - Dec)  
  • Winter (Jan - Mar) 
  • Spring (Apr- Jun) 
  • Summer (Jul - Aug, lessons a-la-cart)

Lessons meet weekly for 30, 45, or 60-minute lessons based on the age, level, and needs of the student. Adults may have lessons scheduled for every two weeks, depending the teacher's availability.

Average tuition:

  • 30-minute lesson = $132 monthly 
  • 45-minute lesson = $198 monthly
  • 60-minute lesson = $264 monthly

Please note that the amounts listed above are on average. For example, let's say there was a student who had lessons for the fall semester on Mondays.  There are 14 Mondays in the September - December semester, and each 30-minute lesson is $33.

14 weeks x $33 per lesson = $462 for the semester or $115.50 per month

Portland School of Music & Dance does NOT charge for holidays and breaks in the schedule. The pro-rated tuition amount depends upon which day of the week a student is scheduled. Due to holidays, some days of the week will have more lessons throughout the year than others. This means that the pro-rated amount may be slightly more or less than the tuition stated above. 

Tuition may be paid monthly or in full.  Monthly payments will be deducted from your account via automatic bank draft on the 22nd of every month prior to the month of lessons (October 22nd payment would cover the month of November). We do request a commitment for the entire semester, although you may withdraw at any time.  

Sheet music and lesson books are not part of monthly tuition.  You will be notified and see a book charge applied to your account shortly after the student has received the new book.  Students receive books when they begin lessons and when they move to a new level.  Moving to a new book is up to the teacher's discretion.

We would love to be a part of your musical journey! It's an honor and a privilege to invest in your lives through the amazing world of music.