Private Violin/Viola Lessons for ages 4 - adult

Our fun, university-trained teachers at Portland School of Music & Dance teach correct violin/viola posture, tension-free technique, ear-training exercises, rhythm studies and fun songs that appeal to students of all ages!  String instruments pose their own special challenges. Fine motor skills; balancing your bow for just the right musical touch; delicate intonation and ear-training skills; reading your music well; bowing correctly with your rhythms — you need weekly feedback & encouragement to know that you are on the right track!

Students will learn:

  •     To develop beautiful tone production
  •     To read music and understand how rhythms, melodies, and chords are organized
  •     Ear-training exercises to assist the student with pitch-matching, pattern recognition, etc.
  •     To be creative and develop a unique sound
  •     Styles from many periods and traditions
  •     Correct physical approach and posture for pain-free practice

Enrollment is ongoing!  It's never too late to join us for fun in making music!  Call us today at 503.287.5028 or register online to schedule your first one-time trial violin or viola lesson!